Do you have lots of photos that you want to display on your website? Professionally designed photo galleries are the best way to show visitors your portfolio or range of products.

Half A Sec can offer self managed photo galleries for much less than what a fully content managed system would cost. For just $200 you are able to manage your photos and photo albums online. With your private login access to an administration panel, you can add, edit or delete photos and photo albums at a click of a button online, giving you the flexibility to make changes on any computer, anywhere.

Why Choose Us?
  • Cheaper than a full content managed site
  • Self Managed Galleries
  • Private login access to admin panel
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Professional looking designs
  • Flexibility to update online

Peninsula Cake Art

Simple Static Websites

A static website is a basic website that simply delivers information without any bells and whistles. Static websites can only be updated by a web developer such as Half A Sec. Static websites are the cheapest to develop and are perfect for many smaller companies who wish to get a web presence without spending a lot of money.

Responsive Websites

A responsive website is a website that provides an optimal viewing experience with easy reading and navigation across a wide range of devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, Laptop and PC. Responsive websites adapt the layout of the website to the viewing environment allowing visitors the flexibility to look at your website on a variety of browsers.